Here Comes the Judge...

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    While trolling the internet through the night (don't sleep much of late) and again this morning looking for patterns for Judge Dredd's helmet (the original 2000 AD magazine design not the Stallone movie version) I happened upon an ancient thread here consisting of only 3 comments on the topic of Judge Dredd. While it was more about the Lawgiver Mk II pistol for which the card model pattern has been long available and in my possession I took note of the last comment about a card model of the Law Master Motorcycle "would be a cool model!", a comment to which I most adamantly concur.
    With the release of the NEW Judge Dredd movie starring Karl Urban (outstanding actor) and my long time desire to wear the costume of a Judge I thought I would revive this concept here. So, any ideas or links?
    I do not believe I necessarily have the where-with-all to tackle a complicated model like the Law Master as my very first design but I am going to try none-the -less. I will try the armour and costume stuff too. I would love input as to whether there is an interest in this stuff beyond my own.
    Lastly, I found a most interesting blog about a fan made film called "Judge Minty" where the costuming and apparent ambiance appears to be superior to either of the Hollywood productions thus made. Check it out...