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    I am new , i recently discovered the world of papercraft ,and i like it before ,is more enjoing then plastic model ,becouse the final's satisfaciton is greater,i am a fan of star trek and i like to build star trek's starships ,i found some on the web and i builded ,not all but i have some pictures on google+ i put the link below :


    other then papercraft ,i like 3d graphics i created some models aviable on common creative 3 license on blendswap.com i put the link down:

    and i like animals, i have now tree water's turtle ,terachemys scritpa scritpa( yellow ears turtle)
    i like motorsport and cars and read and watch english ,and basket ball ,

    my last project of papercraft i made is the JJ abrams's enterprise the big sized and small sized , now i need to create a support for the mine excelsior class
    model that fall every wind breath entering my room ,i have just finished to create the 3d model and unfold it ,the only missing thing are color that will do when a i have time is basicaly a star trek logo ,the logo with circle around the delta and inside the delta there is the classical arrow of star trek the five star whit the long upper peak ,seen in the classical videogames gold and blue colored like star trek starfleet academy, will share the suport when finished and builded .
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    Welcome to the club!


    It's great to see someone starting with such enthusiasm, that makes us all feel better and inspires us.
    I wanna see some more of your work, please.
    Welcome again!


    P.S. ZEALOT is special because WE make is so.