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    Sep 5, 2007
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    Hi, I'm a prodigal member here. I've been building models for many many years, and card models for slightly less many.

    I laxed on the hobby for a while recently due to pesky real life issues, but now I'm back.

    I recently unwittingly violated protocol here, and would like to apologize to any members I offended. It seems a lot can happen when you don't pay close attention.

    Anyway, I'm glad to be back to building and will post pictures soon of my creations.
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    Welcome back! It good to see people come back here. This forum has gone through changes, the first changes, not so good. Now, well it seems to really be turning into a place of sharing and encouraging people. Life's issues really can put a damper on modeling. If there is anything in particular your looking for, make a list and we can probably come up with a fair amount of models. The focus on the forum is on the FREE models on the web. Not scans, or pirated stuff, but the 1000's of FREE models, which is good in these times.

    If you do a search you can come up with some pretty cool stuff and we have a separate WarHammer40K that is loaded up with links to models.

    Welcome back! :)