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    Sep 1, 2011
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    I've been model building most of my adult life, mostly 1/25 trucks. I have been neglecting that for the last 10 years as I started to train dogs and started k9agility. I turned 62 this year and finally started the HO train layout i have wanted for a long time. I started the train layout in anticipation of taking an early retirement and working on the layout the rest of my days. I quickly discovered that I needed to keep working in order to afford my new toys. Oh well!
    I found this forum while looking for information on sawmills. One of the threads led here and here I am. Hope to enjoy the ride. I have taken photos as I consructed the bench work and I'll be posting those if anyone is interested. I've not done anyhing special... Just used information I got off the internet.
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    :welcome1: boonville! Definitely interested in seeing any photos you wish to show, as are many others, I'm sure. Happy to have you aboard!