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    Let me introduce myself.

    I am bogeygolpher (Paul). I live in sunny North Carolina on the coast about 40 miles north of Myrtle Beach. As my ID indicates, bogey golpher, (PH is phonetically the same as F) I do play golf, not well, but frequently. After retiring I started building furniture for us as well as friends, although that has slowed down considerably as I get older.

    I have always been building models. Early on it was wooden airplanes followed by plastic cars. I have been building wooden ship models since 1982 and found card modeling last year. I am probably unique in that I do not have any of my completed models. Everything I have built has been given to friends or family. To be honest, I really have no desire to have them around after spending so much time putting them together. I do enjoy the building and abhor the maintenance issues.

    I am currently building the Corel HMS Victory Cross-section that will be auctioned off for the Wounded Warriors Fund in April. When it is completed I will be able to start the Modelik Central Pacific No. 60 Jupiter card model.

    I look forward to meeting the other members.

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    Hello Paul,

    Welcome to Zealot.
    It is great that you give your finished models to friends and family. I do the same as well.
    Although, I have to say that, auctioning them off for charity, is a GREAT idea! I hope that it will go well and that you are able to raise allot of money.

    If you have any photos of the models that you have built, please post them (WE LOVE SEEING PHOTOS)!

    If you have nay questions, comments, concern, need help or advice, please feel free to ask and we will do what we can to help you (or at least point you in the right direction).

    Once again, welcome aboard. I hope that you enjoy yourself here.
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    Welcome aboard. I live a little further up the coast from you in Castle Hayne.
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    Welcome to Zealot Bogeygolpher, It would be nice to some pics of your project. We like to see models in the build stage, much can be learned that way. Welcome to Zealot. :)