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    I just joined this forum, very interesting! My hobbies include Model railroading in 1/4" scale; I've been in model Railroading since 1948.
    Model ships in 1/4" scale and have built two 1/4" scale destroyers, a Gearing class (DD-783), a Fletcher class (DD-446), and one free lanced 1/2" scale Destroyer Escort. I also like photography. My railroad is in a 24' X 36' building. The 300' of trackwork is all handlaid code 125 weathered rail. there are 50+ turnouts built in place. All the trackwork is laid to P-48 standards. Also there is my Narrow Gauge On3 line, which has about 75' of hand laid code 83 track and has 10 turnouts built in place.
    I model the Southern Pacific Railroad and the Timbercreek Railroad with the main emphasis on the Timbercreek Railroad. The On3 layout is part of the Timbercreek Railroad and is the local logging line that goes from the town of Timbercreek to Truckee.
    The Southern Pacific Railroad brings in car loads from either Salt Lake City from the East and loads from the West from Portland, Oregon to the town of Truckee, Calif. where the Timber Creek railroad is a branch line off the Southern Pacific.

    Check out my web-site:

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    :welcome1: to the forum! Your website is AWESOME!! The ship models you have there are amongst the finest I have ever seen. it is a pleasure and honor to be able to see such craftsmanship. This is where art and craftsmanship meet. Thanks you and welcome aboard!:thumb:

    I would recommend every visit timercreekrr's website. it is a real treat!:thumb:
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    hello my friend!!!