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    Aug 28, 2005
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    guys, im tring to put a second level under my current layout, no it ws not planned to have a second level.

    I cannot find any good info on how to build a helix. I need to drop 15" (22" below main line, this includes l girder framing). How do I do this, what would I make it out of? How many turns around?

    If someone has some info to helpme out I would really apreciate it

    thankd guys
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    Apr 24, 2001
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    Hi lemkerailroad. :wave:
    First, get your calculator out. :D :D There are a number of things that determin how a helix will fit into your layout. The diameter is an important factor in determining the grade. The greater the diameter the lower the grade. The clearance is another critical factor. Generally 3" is a standard clearance unless you plan on hauling any extra high loads. Don't forget when figuring clearance that it is from the top of the rails to the bottom of the next tier. You have to allow for support material, roadbed, etc.
    Here are some threads that discuss them is some detail.
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    Also if you download Right Track from Atlas' web page (it's free), there is a feature under the "special" heading that will help you figure the calculations to fit a helix into your layout.
    Hope this helps. If you have more specific questions be sure to ask them.
    Good luck.