Ham Radio and Railfanning

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    Hello All:

    Most people who have been on here for awhile knows that I have another hobby along with model railroading, Ham radio.

    After we make a contact, may it be state side or with another country, we send out what is called a QSL card. Don't ask me what QSL stands for. I don't know. Can you believe there was a time where radio was ONLY Morse code? We Ham Operators send out what is known as a QSL card. This shows the information about our contact. ie: your name, address, frequency you made contact, time(GMT), signal report, and the other stations callsign. Some cards get very fancy. They will ad pictures of their ham station or themselves.

    A ham was over and like the picture on my desktop. It's a picture of a RI loco. He said that would be a great card. So I made one with the picture. If you are a ham and make contact with me. Plus you must say you like trains. I will send you this card. For those of you who are not hams, here it is.


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