Halloween Train Fun

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    Jul 2, 2002
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    I have a paper kit of a haunted house on my site - just download, open in a DRAW program, print and assemble. Great for the kids. It can be scaled for HO, N, OO and TT. There are also other holiday diorama kits on the page ,fro ma Viking Ship for Leif Erikson's Day to Yule Villages and paper trains.


    Also, for those making Halloween layouts, take a look at these things.


    The one set of Figures is about S or O, the other about OO or HO. This is a new thing, and not linked directly to the main page of my site.

    You can get other free downloadable kits on the main page of my site, just scroll down to the Free Downloads section at http://www.thortrains.net

    I have not added many new paper kits this season, but we have enough there for you to have a good time.