GreMir Models Super Corsair Mr. Hyde

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    Will Aldridge introduces his third Super Corsair model:

    This model is a combination of features as seen on the Bud “Super Corsair” which was originally an F4U-4 airframe fitted with a R-4360 engine and the designers own fanciful imaginings of what an original Super Corsair would look like if it were modified for racing.
    There are no separate control surfaces, no engine, and the canopy cannot be displayed in the open position. The cockpit and landing gear were left in the kit.

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    The April 2008 issue of AOPA PILOT magazine has a nice article (with lots of pictures) on the Super Corsair #57. AOPA (Aircraft Owners & Pilots Ass'n) members can access the article online at AOPA Online: 'AOPA Pilot' Online. The rest of you might find it the public library or the local airport.