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    Feb 25, 2012
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    So I just ordered my first paper model. It's been something that I've been interested in trying for a while. I played with card models as a child (unfortunately I don't have any of them anymore) and I'm now trying card modeling for a few reasons --

    • Economics -- I have a young family and am at the beginning of my career, so $$$ is an issue.
    • One of my interests is model railroading and I've gotten tired of the sameness -- a lot of layouts look the same and I'm not sure it just has to do with the fact that everybody uses the same kits, I wonder if it also has to do with materials. As I gain experience and eventually scratchbuild, I'd like to experiment with different approaches for different effects.
    • Some modelers that inspire me include Roy England, John Ahern and Allan Downes, who were (are) pioneers in model building construction for model railways. All three of them used card. There's something cool about going back and getting inspired by techniques from 40 years ago.
    • It looks like a lot of fun!
    Other than model railroads, I'm also interested in Sci-Fi models, architecture models, Eastern European vehicles, ships and civilian propliners. Look forward to learning from all of you.
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    :welcome1: Sdzfan, you won't be let down by paper model building as you can take your model yo whatever level of realism you wish. It's a great hobby! Welcome aboard!