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    Stumbled on this site while looking for a Boxcar for my table top gaming city I am crafting. Trying to make a train yard. WOW is it hard to get a good looking boxcar that is not beyond my skill level.
    I am a avid miniature collector. Fantasy, High tech and Supers. They are toys I can still play with and not look to childish. I THINK?
    I have been paper crafting for about a year to make my table top gaming more interesting and visual. But it has lead to an excitement with what can be done with a knife, cardstock, a glue stick and a printer.
    I just purchased a Robopaper cutter but it is still in transit, to help with my cutting, I am a hamfisted when it comes to cutting. I can do it, and do it pretty well, but I lack fine muscle skills so I end up with really tired hands after a couple cut outs. It is something I have always had trouble with. Can't use a mechanical pencil, I break them all the time.

    Been prowling the threads and am blown away, I keep showing my wife, LOOK AT THIS. IT IS MADE FROM PAPER.

    I think I would be embarrassed to show my paper builds ATM.
    Still working at edging, and folding and gluing.

    Hoping to learn about scale\technique and stick to it ness. As well as some optional tools of the trade.

    And I hope to post some of my better builds at some point. All my current models are purchased from WWG and FDG with some trains and vehicles from official sites like Dodge\Mitsubishi or train stations in Japan. Love how they post free paper models of their trains.

    Well Thanks for having me.
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    Welcome aboard Magi. Welcome to the hobby and be warned, it is addictive. Keep browsing and check out other paper modeling sites. Check the links and if you are into warhammer40k, check out for a bunch of freebies. Enjoy and see you around the forums.