Gpm Roma 1/200 errors

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    Hi everyone,

    I just want to make people aware about some mistakes on the Gpm Roma, so people can built the most accurate model of this unlucky beautiful ship.

    First one: the color of the keel, as for all the Italian ships of WWII, is green and not red. You can correct it with Gimp, or Photoshop if you are able to scannerize an A3 paper, otherwise, you can spray green on the finished keeel.

    Two. The identification white & red lines (introduced after the battle of cape spartivento, when the italian bomber attacked our ships), do not spread until the first turret, but they stop on the cutting waves blade. Watch all the pictures and the models if you don't belive me.

    Three. The stern was covered in wood, and was not grey.

    I corrected the last two errors, ler me know what do you think.


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    Thank you for the useful tips.I hope to get round to building both the Roma and the Vittorio Veneto at some point in the probably distant future!.