GPM Nr. 180 Heinkel He-111

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    GPM NR. 180 HEINKEL HE-111
    Subject: Medium bomber Heinkel HE-111
    Publisher: GPM
    Scale: 1/33
    Designer: Tadeusz Grzelczak
    Span: 68cm
    Long: 50cm
    High: 14cm

    This model come in an A4 booklet and have one page of history and specifications, one page with pictures of different satages of the construction, one page with pictures of the finished model and one page of the real plane in action. Have six pages of diagrams and one page of written instructions in polish. Seven pages of thin paper of formers to reinforce that also have templates and skin for the interior walls of the model, and twelve pages of colored card to build the model.
    The model is very detailed and come with a bomb bay and 16 bombs that go inside, wheel wells and the crew compartiment and cocpit totally detailed. This model dont have the option for a colored canopy so we need to make all the interior and put all the glazing in the plane. For those that have afraid of the galzed tip of the nose there is a set of vacuformed canopys that have that round tip of the nose, the dorsal wind sreen and other bubble that I think that goes in the belly of the plane.
    The landing gear can be made to extend and retract, the bomb bay doors open and close, I only don’t know how to put this parts fixed in a choosen position without gluing them (so glued will not move). The dorsal wind screen and a window in the nose are made to run in two rails. All the flying surfaces can be made movable.
    In the printed parts I can’t see no wheathring but i see some shadowing. The colours seems correct and print quality seems excelent, having only one little piece the have one small print error that should be almost invisible when mounted.
    This model is original from the year 2001 (my have 8/2003 in the cover so should be a reprint and eventualy with the original errors corrected or at least I hope so) and for that year this is a super model, super detailed and don’t have options to make it easier, GPM in a difficulty scale of 1 to 3 gives it a 3 and is right for this model.With his more yhan 800 pieces and all his detail this is a super model that will impress everyone that sees it, will be a show stoper every place he goes an I truly recomend it. Junst don’t forget to buy the vacuformed canopy, and woden wheels since the model only bring templates for the wheels.
    So if have some cardmodelling experience and want a real chalenge or just want really impressive model just buy it and build it.

    Any questions just ask.
    Sorry my bad english.
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    Thanks, that was informative and helpful. Feel tempted already - another master work of Tadeusz Grzelczak it seems. Imagine that one in a larger scale... Leif