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    Oct 15, 2001
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    Charlie you did a great job on that structure. Loved your scratch building finesse and picture taking ability when you first posted it. It is so typical of structures you see falling into decay today and of times long gone. Your posting gives inspiration to other modelers that scratch building is fun and creative. My goodie box of misc. parts from kit bashing is building up. In addition, I just ordered some casting material from Micro-Mark. Fellow in our club is using this casting material to duplicate building walls and structural parts. Can't tell the original from the duplicate. The occasion is that our "Valley N-Trak club" is making a static "N" scale display for the Beacon Falls High School. It dipicts the old Beacon Falls Rubber Plant and the surrounding area in its' hayday of 1915. DPM parts almost worked, but a lot of bashing did the trick. Problem was, we needed quite a few of the specially made parts. The casting materials are so easy to use, no degassing and it sets up relatively fast. The parts for the display came out great and I can't wait to get my hands on some. When the club finishes the display will definitley post some pictures.