Free Mo N - Twin Tracks.Opinions.

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    Hi Group,:) April 22nd, 07.
    Sunday 12:45 Hrs. M.D.T.

    The Ntrak Concepts is Comprised of a 3 Track Main System on a 600 mm
    Wide Modular Table - Optional 750 mm Wide Table.
    Tracks are Numbered 1, 2, 3, North to South Listed at 510 mm, 470 mm
    430 mm Front to Back of Modular with 40 mm Centre Line Between Each Track.
    On a Twin Track Concept, You have 2 Main Tracka as Main Line Running
    Using Spaces of Track 1 and Track 2 being 510 and 470 mm Front to back or One
    Has the Options of Using Track Spaces of Track 2 and Track 3 - 470 and 430 mm
    Front to Back.
    If I'm Correct 2nd Choice is the Prefered Choice of a 2 Track Main on a
    Modular Ntrak Table. Something I favour as Well. Advantage - More Space to
    the North for Safety and Bldg Kits.
    The Richmond Area Ntrak Group Devised the4 Concepts of a Two
    Track Main Running System ( But Haven't Done Much with
    It. Its a Cood Concept That if Done Right can B Integrated into a Free Mo N Concept.
    Simple - Easy. All One has to Do is a Have a 1 Metre Table on Each End
    of a Twin Track Modulars System with a 2 Track Main Joining into a Single
    Track Main Line.
    With the "Single TracK" Main Line Connecting Up at the Centre/Middle
    of the Table - This Allows a Twin Track System to Join into Other Free Mo N
    Modular Tables.
    Both Free Mo N and Twin Tracks have a Few Things in Common. There
    is No Limit on Length of Tables as a Rule.
    Its Your Own Choosing of How Long You Want Your Modular to B. Point
    is, Both Free Mo N/Twin Tracks is Really a Point to Point System as Such. No Loops.
    While There is No Limit on Length as Such, If I'm Correct, Lengthes of
    1 Metre, Minimum Up to 1.25, 1.5 1.75 and 2 M3tres Would B Reasonable Lengthes.
    I have seen Various Lengthes on the Free Mo HO System Set Up in Calgary.
    On Free Mo - Passing Sidings - Any Lengthes Can B Either North or South
    of the Main Line. You do Have the Options that Industrial, Mining, Switching of
    Any Type can B on Either Side of a Main Track or Off any Passing Sidings,
    Depending on What You Want or Have on a Modular Table. Your Choice Really.
    Free Mo N/Twin Tracks Can B Operated as a Brancl Line of Any
    Length with Any Sidings/Yards in Between a Jct of a Main Line as say Point A
    to Say Point F, X, of Y in Between. Poiny Y is End of Branch Line.
    If One Wants to Turn Diesels, Steam Engines Around, All One Needs
    is a Turn Table, Run Around Track 4 Diesels or a Y Jct Track with Say 1 or 2
    Sidings - Just Like the Real Proto Types Do.
    There is No Loop as Such. But It Could B an Option. Its strictly
    Point to Point. You Have to Devise Your Own Methods to Yard Trains, Turn
    Steam/Diesel Power Around If need B. Its Your Own Imagination Really. No Two
    Modulars are Alike.
    Y Jct Moudular Tables can Be 600 mm Wide. Ideal Length is
    1.25 or 1.5 Metres, But 1.5 Metres is a Standard Length for Connecting Tracks.
    1 Metre Length does Allow One to Add Longer Length Modulars on a 3 Ends.
    Also Modular Tables can B L Shaped Designed with a Width of
    600 mm and Any Length can Varry with 1.25 or 1.5 Metres. One Udeal is 1.25
    Length with a 250 mm Addition on Each End. Like a Small Cross Type of Table.
    Total Length is 1.5 Metres. Bit it Allows One to Add Modulars as You See Fit
    to Design Your Free Mo/Twin Track System.
    Advantages - Lots really. Y Tracks/Jcts can B Used for Yards Leads,
    Yards, or Engine Terminals or Other Branch Lines. No Loops Right. Just Like
    Teal Branch Lines - Point to Point.
    I have Designed Branch Lines with Both Twin Tracs.Free Mo N
    Designs in Mind, Plus Y Jcts for Turning Power if Necessaty. On Paper it Works
    Great. Building Modulars can B a Challenge - Yet Symple with Ideal Designs on
    Paper with the Ntrak Original Designs, But Modified to make Changes for Vrious
    Modular Tables. Hint - Fur Yars Drafting Has its Advantages.
    In Reality - Honest Opinions Really. Twin Tracks/Free Mo N Beats
    Running Around in Circles, , My Own Honest Opionion, Yet Enjoy the Advanttages
    of a Point to Point System. If You want to Go back to Jct A, Simplw make Up a
    Traiin from Point FmX or Y or Any Point in Between.
    Important Thing - Model Rilroading is Fun in N Scale, or Any
    Other Scale. So Fave Fun and Enjoy the Challenger of Frre Mo N/Twin Tracks.
    Drew Up the Modular Designs, All I Have to Do is Build Them and I'm on My
    Way to Great Model Railroading.

    Thanks Group,
    Enjoy the Weeks Ahead.:)