Frauenkirch Church, Dresden

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    Nov 16, 2004
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    Model Subject: Frauenkirche (Church of Our Blessed Lady), Dresden
    Scale: 1:300
    Publisher and model number: Schreiber 591
    Designer: Przemyslaw Taberncki
    5. Distributor: Lighthouse Model Art www.lighthouse

    This beautiful domed church, completed in 1742 fell prey to the bombing of Dresden in 1945. About a third of the building has been restored with original materials.

    My first impression of the windows prompted me to write this brief review. They are designed in scale to receed the proper distance to represent the thickness of the stone walls. But the treatment of the windows, impresses me. (below) They are painted in such a way that there seems to be interior light illuminating the panes of glass from within. Quite effective. My only regret is that the designer placed the small "x"'s, indicating reverse folds right beside the windows.

    This is a small church sitting on a footprint of only 20cm x 18.5cm but is packed with nice details. I anticipate a pleasing build.