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    I finally spent the day looking and found the roundhouse pattern and other trains and RR buildings on a japanese site all this site is in Japanese but on the left top you will see an image of a paper looking train and that is the portal . anyway thought others might want to look for now I am a happy camper :wave::wave:
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    I found an engine house, but not a roundhouse. I'm actually looking for a roundhouse and turntable myself
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    I have just re-upped as a member.
    Railroad roundhouses were built just like the curved wooden trestles, a single straight section repeated as many times as required. The inside walls were only support posts. If you have the side view, front and rear views, you only need the dimension from the center of the turntable to develop the degree for each stall.
    Basically, each stall is a section of a pie shape.

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    I lived in Branchville, Ct. for 23 years. There was a round house there 100 years ago. I lived in the now dilapidated house on the right. I moved out 14 years ago, and the owner, who lives in a Sanatorium, would not allow anyone else to move in. He was one of the kindest people in the world. It was a 5 acre estate. He suffered from severe schizophrenia. I remember when it started. I tried to buy the shack and some land behind, and had negotiated a fair price with three members of the family, then all these other relatives came in, and refused to allow me to buy it. My landlord, and dear friend, refused any of his relatives to come visit. This house, which was going to be designated a National Landmark was allowed to go into ruin by a greedy bunch of idiots. Behind that shack is the original Train Masters House. The attic is made with steamed 8" x 8" pieces of lumber. The area has gone so overgrown, that you cannot see the 8 bedroom four story, Victorian style hose behind it. They are waiting for him to die. He is now around 90 years old, and still going strong. His mind has many friends and he talks to them all the time. I've never seen any of them, and they were in the room right with us, according to him.

    That's the fugly Branchville, Ct. train station on the left, boy the stuff I saw go through there on trains.. When I first moved in, it was so overgrown, the train did not ever come by, for almost 10 years, cars would go into the grass and tree fields, and people would do all kinds of decadent things. The stuff they left behind, disgusting. I used to call the cops on them when the windows would just start to fog up and watch the mayhem! :) One of the most upscale towns in Connecticut. I guess there are pigs everywhere.

    Then one night, it sounded like the Earth was blowing up, and in 3 days, the State of Connecticut put in the modern station there now. The train does not support itself, and the "suits" that commute to New York, or Stamford, are subsidized around $15000 dollars a year to use that train. I could never imagine that the beautiful house I lived in would now be gone.

    At least 125 year Train Masters House, full wrap around porch. You can drive buy and not know it's there. Beautiful antique furniture rotting because they let the roof collapse. Tin walled kitchen. :(

    Sams Place.jpg

    Home Sweet Home.jpg

    I know "exactly" where this is and used to "party" with friends not more than 100 feet or so from it to the Housatonic river. Waay up in Northern Ct.:)
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