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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by robel82, Mar 30, 2006.

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    Mar 30, 2006
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    hello all im new to the forum. i was wondering if some can hel me out.

    i was rumaging thru my attic and found a whole bunch of HO scale trains, cars, buildings, tracks, etc. I know my father was wanting to get into this hobby way before i was born(im 23) but never got to it. well he passed away 5 yrs ago so now this stuff is mine. im not into this hobby and dont think i ever will be. just dont have the time. my father used to take me to shows which i loved. i still thing that they are amazing when setup to look like a miniature world. i just dont have the time. can anyone tell me what all this is worth? ill list everything i have.

    Buildings by Atlas mfg 1962(these have never been put still on the frame)
    -passenger station
    -water tower
    -signal tower
    -station platform

    Tycco 33 piece Bridge & Tessel set mfg 1975

    (12) atlas telephone polls mfg 1962 along with mix of other polls and RRXing signs
    (2) atlas snap switches
    (5) human figures
    (2) 40 cu in of grass-bachmann
    (2) 40 cu in of earth-bachmann
    (1) 20 cu in of gravel-bachmann

    Cars by Tycco
    -Union Pacific Hopper
    -Conrail hopper
    -Burlington Northern box car
    -Texaco oil tanker
    -USA Express Engine

    Bachmann cars(never used still sealed)
    -LN hopper
    -Heinz 57 pickle car
    -Gov of Canada grain car

    40 total pcs of assorted track sections

    there is other stuff here that i have no i dea what they are. this is pretty much the jist of it. thanks
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    None of that stuff is of much value except to the nostalgia collector, and it is still worth little at that. Try looking on ebay to see what kind of prices this stuff is fetching.

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    Mar 30, 2006
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    thanks for the input nachoman
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    May 2, 2003
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    Your building kits will usually get between $3-8 apiece when unassembled. $1-2 for the cars is optimistic though $3 is not unheard of if you get the right buyer at the right time. I've bought brass track for as little as $.10 apiece...even turnouts, but even Ebay can surprize me there. The trestle set mint in the box can get $5-10, the engine about the same. Don't mean to discourage you, HO has a large following in the hobby and that on top of the generally poor quality of the brands you have keeps the resale value pretty low.