Fluted Side NKP Pass. Cars

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    May 17, 2004
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    I don't see a better place to ask this question, so I put it here.
    In the '50s, NKP was using these cars, however they ordered only coaches, sleepers, and Bed/Dine/Lounge cars. My questions concern decaling these correctly. I have a beautiful set from Nickel Plate Products.
    (1) Please provide a few names?/numbers for the coaches;
    (2) Were the sleepers named? If so were the cars, City(s) of "St Louis", "Indianapolis", "Peoria"? If so, numbers for these please;
    (3) Were regular diners used? If so, what type car? A few names/numbers, please;
    (4) Were observations used? What type car? A few names/numbers, please;
    (5) I don't believe domes would have been seen on this Eastern road. Correct?
    (6) I know the bagg./RPOs were heavyweights, but what color?
    Thanks for your consideration,