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    Please, when posting full kit reviews or first impressions, use the appropriate forum. In the subject line of the post, all that is needed is the publisher's name and the subject's name ie: GPM #940 Ju 87B

    Try to stick with the basic layouts here and if I've missed anything, feel free to add your own :)

    1. Model Subject ie. Pfalz D.III
    2. Scale ie. 1:33
    3. Publisher and model number ie. Models by Marek #6
    4. Designer if available
    5. Distributor if it's an exclusive item ie. DeWayne Barnett http://www.teuton.org/dbarnett/
    6. If it's a pdf, if possible, let us know if it's unlocked or not


    If its a first impressions thing, just the usual page count on model parts, instructions etc. A brief description of the kit, what you think of the print quality and registration , any positive things or negative things you might see right away. If you see something exceptional, tell us about that as well.

    A thumbnail or 2 would also be great. I'll provide a cover pic and a piece of a parts sheet. We should be sure that the parts image presented is not the full page and is cut down to a size that would render it unuseable. We don't want the copywrite cops knocking on the door nor so I want to have any more of those cruddy discussions on the site.

    If i'ts a full review, fill us in with as much as you care to. The more the merrier is what I say. If the model bombs out, during construction and you're sure it's a design flaw, let us know and even show us a pic of the mistake. If it's something simple, maybe any one of us can help repair it.
    Construction pics, finished pics , overall impressions, recommendations etc are all things that can be tossed in.