Finally, some good news about the E&N!!

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    Apr 1, 2003
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    There has been no official release yet, but parent Company, Rail America Inc. has found another excursion operator to pick up where Ross Rowland's Pacific Wilderness Railway company failed. Michican based Coe Rail is the new operator. Coe Rail plans to use the old BC Rail Pacific Starlite Dinner train set which it bought earlier this year and some ex-VIA FP9Au's. Trains could be running out of Victoria, BC as early as next summer(2004). No word on whether the domes will remain in the train set as there may be some tight clearances through the tunnel just north of Victoria.

    The ex-Pacific Starlite trainset is being stored in N.Vancouver on BCR trackage, ready to make the trip over to the E&N. Coe Rail is also looking at buying the last 2 FP9Au's from VIA to power these trains. No word yet on how many trains, and where they'll be running to but there are more details to come.