F-15 Eagle – 40 years today

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    On July 27th, 1972, the F-15 Eagle made its maiden flight. For that reason, today we celebrate its 40 years of life (although it’s true that it only entered active service in January 1976).

    Admired by many, criticized by others, and hated by some few (specially Mig pilots), there is no doubt the F-15 Eagle has been one of the most famous fighter planes of the western hemisphere in the past decades. Along with his brethren (F-14, F-16, F-18 ) is part of a special breed of aircraft that still today is highly acknowledged technologically speaking.

    Oh, yes, and don’t forget that the F-15 Eagle it is still the only airplane credited as a satellite killer.

    Since this is a paper models forum, let’s see what we find…

    The F-15 Eagle has been released as pre-printed kits by the following publishers:

    F-15 C Eagle
    F-15 E Strike Eagle
    F-15 I Raam
    F-15 Bicentennial

    F-15 C Eagle
    Released in 2002, at 1/33 scale.

    Hobby Model:
    F-15 C
    Released in 1994, at 1/33 scale. May be very hard to find nowadays.

    F-15 C Eagle - GPM #167
    F-15 E Strike Eagle - GPM #169
    Both kits released in 2000 at 1/33 scale

    F-15 E Strike Eagle
    Released as Flymodel # 61, at 1/33 scale

    The F-15 can also be found in several free electronic kits:

    F-15 DJ (1/80 scale)
    F-15 Active
    This is a flying kit.
    Website: Žï–¡

    Paper Replika:
    F-15 I Raam
    F-15 In production (unpainted - bare metal)
    F-15 E Tiger Meet
    F-15 Silent Eagle
    F-15 Korean Slam Eagle
    This are nice kits with very good quality and detail
    Website: Home

    Maquettes en papier
    F-15 basic model that can be adapted to C-E-Silent Eagle configurations
    F-15 Active
    This kits are hand-drawn, but they are worth seeing.
    Website: Maquettes en papier - Paper models - ???????

    A. Suzuki
    This is a simple flying kit
    Website: AS Paper Aircraft Laboratory

    Ninja Toes
    F-15 from the “Advanced Wars” game.
    This a small kit in “superdeformed” version, and pink color. Although it is not described as an F-15, it is an Eagle (and a cute one)
    Website: Advance Wars Orange Star Fighter Ninjatoes' papercraft webpage

    Eastern Toy Box
    F-15 J
    At 1/100 scale, but is has lots of detail
    Website: Paper Craft

    Yuki Yuji
    F-15 A
    A simple kit at small scale. May be hard to find now that Yuki’s site no longer has it.

    E. Yoshida
    Another simple flying model
    Website: F-15 Eagle ƒC[ƒOƒ‹ Ž†”òs‹@

    Finally, shameless self-promotion: a wallpaper pack with the top image above can be downloaded from: F-15 Eagle wallpaper pack by ~Rubenandres77 on deviantART

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