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    I thought I would like to share a metaphore of my life that I posted in my Yahoo 360 Blog. You can reach me and see it by adding droid3913 to your Yahoo IM.

    Andy :wave:

    As the locomotive approaches the rail yard, he has to make a descussion. Whch way to go? The Yardmaster told him that he has to make up his own mind. The Engineer looks to his far right.

    There he sees a bueatiful train. with a newly painted and shiney caboose. However, the signal light is red. The tracks are very rough, with the high possibility of a derailment. Then the Engineer looks at the switch for the track. It is chained and locked not to move.

    Then the Engineer looks to the far left. The signal is green. The track is clear and even looks new. There is nothing on it as far as the eye can see.

    Then there are the tracks that are in the middle. The signal light is yellow, proceed with caution. Some of the cars are in some disamay. There is even a passenger car or two that's connected. It's what behind them the enginner is concerned about.

    The Engineer is concerned if the tracks are rough behind them. "Will I be derailed and hurt? Is there another 'dead end'? The Engineer wants to go to his right, but he knows he can't. Journeying to the left, he will be alone for a very long time. And going to the middle, he is very concerned. What should he do?

    Proceed with caution!
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    That's pretty good!! :) :) real Nice! :thumb: :thumb: