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    ....hi there guyz :) i was having some trouble about the rules of the forum, but now i understood..thanks to the admins for the stepwise instructions :)

    though i am not that much expert in paper modelling..but i am very much interested in making paper models..due to my profession i download templates and make the models..i am very very fond of comercial air crafts..i mean those boeings and airbus..and my all time favourite the DC -10..:D i dont know any body has made dc 10 with paper in this forum with paper..i will b a great fan of his.

    i already made some commercial planes and some ships..hope to post the pictures of them here..

    in my country i dnt know there are model kits or not..but i feel comfortable to make models with paper..this is a huge forum..hope to learn many things form the xpert guys... cheers :)
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