electro static grass

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    Jan 7, 2010
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    Has any one on this forum used static grass/

    I understand the concept of static electricity but not how the grass works

    As an example rubbing a balloon on a piece of wool and then passing over your arm makes the hairs stand up.

    What i don't get is after attaching the ground wire and sifting the grass onto the wet glue why it just doesn't jump to the the positive charged sieve.

    Can't see why one end wants to stay in the glue and the other end stand up right. I would think if you got the sieve too close to the glue the grass would jump up stick to the sieve.

    any thoughts as i am definately going to get an electric fly swatter and convert it to an applicator. Beats paying $150 to Noch

    Ground foam, saw dust just doesn't do it for me