Electric Powered Remote Control 4 Channel RC Airplane F15

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    I habe a lot of this kind of RC models, any one want to share or exchange feel free to PM me or contact me at lasterpointerjack at hotmail dot com

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      The electric RC airplanes fuselage with EPO material structure features super light-weight and strength, which helps you minimize the damage of crash
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      Then RC model airplanes wing with EPO structure features sturdy, light-weight and flexible and with up to 29 inch wingspan makes the gliding more smoothness and stable
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      Easy operation and less assembly allows you quick and fast enjoy the flight experience with the F15 4CH radio controlled model airplanes
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      Great attention has been given to the electric RC airplanes details, which is a perfect gift for holiday
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      This F15 4CH electric RC airplanes do not include servo, battery, motor and transmitter
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      Wingspan: 74cm/29.1in
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      Fuselage Length: 110cm/43.3in
    • Material: EPO