Ebbles Supply Depot (paper, knives, glue, etc.)

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    Last year, Mel Ebbles got a brand new knife that he fell in love with. it replaced anything with a #11 blade immediately, and he told the people on his forum how much he liked it. He said he wanted to look into using his tax ID to pick them up at a discount to offer to any of us who were interested. A lot of us were impressed by Mel's review (cutting through 3/16" foamcore cleanly in 3 light passes, effortless scoring and cutting in card stock and chipboard, etc.), and we figured we'd like to try one of these for ourselves. None of us knew this would lead to a new paper modeling supply business.

    Fast forward to today. The Supply Depot carries Elmers Tacky Glue, The SVR-2 knives from Olfa, and the best paper I've ever used for models. The 80lb coverstock is a little thinner than 110lb cardstock (yes, coverstock and cardstock are different things), super bright, and the print quality is super crisp. The glue is a bit nicer than Aileen's Tacky Glue, and definitely better than regular old white glue.

    Mel runs this shop out of his house, and he's one of the friendliest people I have dealt with in any part of the miniatures hobby. I like to support small businesses, and I figured some of you might be looking for some new blades, running low on paper, or looking for a good place to get some chipboard without having to eat a ton of cereal.

    Check him out. Ebbles Miniatures

    Give it a try. You'll be glad you did.

    *I'm just a customer. I'm not getting anything out of this except seeing Mel continue to offer tools and paper.