Ebbles Miniatures' M9 "Beauregard" 6x6 IFV

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    Hi all,

    As some of you know, I have built quite a few models of Ebbles Miniatures, if you like near future Sci-Fi or are a gamer, and need some mechs or armor for a scrimmish. Check these models out, most are 2 page models, but they do have a couple that are one pagers.

    They have just recently released their M9 "Beauregard", a 6x6 IFV, a two page model, with the option for 3 different versions: an unarmed troop carrier, a 105 mm gun turret, and an autocannon turret.

    the wheels are also included, 8 of them to a page.

    as for the color schemes, you get 8 of them, Nato 3 color Woodland and Desert, a olive drab, tan, a UN version, a Factory Gray version, and a police "black & white", and a desert version that looks like US Military.

    Try the kit, you will be surprised by the detail in the kit, and the ease of assembly, and in the end you end up with a very nice kit, visit them at www.ebblesminiatures.com