Easements in Unitrack (sort of) can be done.

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    I'm an appartment dweller and I think I have to wait till retairement to settle in my own house.
    This is the reason I bought Unitrack so I can set up and tear down a small layout to run some trains.
    In the early days I used to have a layout build in flex track and I was pleased to see my trains entering this smooth eased curves.
    In Unitrack I tryed a transition from straight to curve with a 19" piece inbetween.
    It looks better than before but still not good enough.
    A time ago I read an article, about a an Unitrack user who cuts his own piece of straight track where no regular track piece will fit.
    Playing with that idea, I thought, why not making an easement track piece with this idea.
    This what I did, cut a piece of 28 1/4" 15° curved track in the middle, do the same with a 19" 15° piece of curved track and solder one piece of the larger radius to the piece of the smaller radius (all credits for the idea on how to belong the the previous poster). Do this with both four halves and you have a LH and RH easement both again 15°.
    You'll be surprised how smooth your trains will take or leave this curve.