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    Thought I'd share my first 3d paper model I did this last year. It's a pretty basic model designed to be built pretty quick and used for wargamming, so there's no hyper detailing or panel layering and all the shapes are fairly basic. I learnt a lot during the design process. I originally worked it up as a light vehicle to go with Onemonks wolverine, so I was trying hard to match the look of the existing model:

    Onto the Pictures:

    Here's a finished Picture, the drivers are some of Onemonks Terraforce marines:

    I ended up with a few different variants:

    I did 8 different colour schemes; Army green, Desert, Urban, Woodland, Grey, Dark Grey (effectively black), Red and Blue

    you can fish the model of my blog under the post paper miniature dunebuggy

    Just scroll to the bottom of the post, there's a 30mm and 15mm version, instructions and some robo gsd files for both :)

    Just a warning the files are pretty big as it's a layered PDF, sorry no PDO version

    Just wanted to give something back even though it is pretty basic as I've been downloading files like a madman :). I have done another model which is a simple VTOL but I'll put it under it's own topic if peps are interested :)