DKM Emden, Modelik, 1:200

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    This came with my latest order just few days ago. I am biased towards british stuff, so most german ships don't look very... erm... beautiful to me. But this one has WWI look, which is a definite virtue. Anyway, back to kit. While in the colorful Modelik's booklet it is tagged as "nowosc" - novelty, it is not quite so. It's no secret that many of former publisher Card-Model's (or Model-Card's if you wish) kits vere re-issued by Modelik and Emden is no exception. It looks like Modelik did what is called "digital remastering" and changed color from grey to some sort of beige. But there seem to be no change in detail level. Most of the parts are oversimplified. E.g. torpedo tubes are octagonal, the very tip of front deck (and bow itself) is triangular, while pictures show it to be round. Gun mounts are especially simplified - box-and-barrel type. Graphical instructions are not what we would expect from modern publishing, probably they were not updated as well. On the other hand, print quality is good, so is the cardstock - it is a year 2006 issue after all.

    To summ things up, i would recommend it as a first ship model for modelers with few card models under their belts or those more advanced who are interested in subject and willing to invest lots of scratchbuilding (and have references!).

    P.S. Interestingly, cover artwork is different although painted by the same artist. I liked the old one better.