DHC 2 Turbine Beaver: Alpha build

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    First off
    Couple of info about beavers in Bangladesh:
    bangladesh inherited about 5 Dhc 2 beavers ( as claimed by some sources) after the liberation in 1971 from Pakistan. Those were assigned to the plant protection department , and were coloured bright yellow. They flew in crop dusting and anti mosquito campgains till the 1980s when they were gradually phased out. 2 of the original examples ( S2 ABR and S2 ABV) have been placed at the National Science museum.

    Later during the late 90s, Mission aviation fellowship used a DHC 2 Turbine beaver amphibian ( S2 ACE) as aero-ambulance and charter duties. that was later replaced by a Cessna 208.

    The kit

    The kit's originally from Fiddlersgreen, i modified/ scratch built the forward fuselage, engine section of the turbine 3 views i found online ( so yeaah not hand drawn :twisted:). although the modifications were rather clumsy wall1

    About the model:

    As usual the kit was pasted on art paper and then made; features a rudimentary interior and transparent canopy( which didnt fit properly because i overlooked details wall1) the registration s2 AHM is fictional in the sense that there's no beavers in Bangladesh flying at the moment. Decals/ livery was done by hand, using felt tip pens :rolleyes:.

    Making the floats , specially attaching the float spars and supports was a pain....

    personal rating: 7.75/10

    What do u think ??


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    Quite nice and really cool!