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    Am I the only one that has searched the Internet (without any luck)for sound samples of various locomotive sound decoders?
    I would think that if you are in business to sell sound, the least you would do is post samples.
    Is there anything illegal about recording our locomotives and posting some sound clips? It would be a good way to at least hear some of the locomotive systems that are out there.
    There is one guy on the forum that could let us hear what at least 59 different decoders sound like. All he has to do is record them in his spare timesign1
    It looks like some of the manufacturers are trying to get the prices more affordable, and increasing quality at the same time.
    If you can point me to some samples of other decoders then Loksound I would appreciate it. The Loksound files are readable with their Lokprogrammer software.
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    Jul 3, 2008
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    Broadway Limited uses their own decoders (sometimes they use QSI and Loksound too)

    Their site has the sound samples.

    Soundtraxx's site for their Tsunami decoders has sound samples for their steam decoders. I don't remember the site, but it shouldn't be too hard to find.

    If you want to make your own sounds, I think Loksound decoders can be programmed with Lokprogrammer. Digitrax SoundFX decoders can be programmed with Digitrax's PR-2 (a wire) or the newer less expensive and has more features, PR-3. The PR-3 lets you upload your own sound projects into a Digitrax SoundFX decoder, lets you program the decoder CVs ahead of time, connects to a computer or Digitrax Loconet, and has a terminal with 2 screws to wire in a test track where you can test the locomotive's sounds without running the motor.