DCC control of "staging yard"

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    Hi, looking for some advice on how to control my "staging yard". I'm a beginner, and so I'm looking for a simple and reliable method.

    I will be building a 6' x 3' n-scale layout. A two-level "figure 8", single track branch line (German prototype). The top part of the "8" is upstairs, and contains a station with about 4-6 tracks, passenger terminal, goods service area, etc. Then on both sides, the track goes downstairs, and on the lower level of the 8, there is the "shadow station" or staging yard.

    Am I making any sense? It's not really complicated, I just wish I could just show a picture. So there are about 4 - 6 tracks downstairs. Trains run through, no reverse loop. (So if I didn't stop the trains downstairs in the staging yard, my trains would run in a figure-8 type loop.)

    OK, so far so good. Now how do I best control this staging yard, to avoid collisions? I'll be using DCC. I need to control the turnouts, and I need to stop and start those trains stored in the staging yard. The way I'm building it (based on "scenic ridge"), I won't see the staging yard in normal operations.

    I still have to figure out the emergency access to the yard, but that's a separate subject. Either I make some of the scenery removable for top-access, or I need to cut some access-holes from below (hmm: "reroute emergency power to structural integrity"?).

    Ok, so what's the easiest and safest way to set this up? Ideally I don't end up with a huge switchboard, various cables and control lamps and whatnots.

    Recommendations greatly appreciated. And let me know if clearer explanations on my layout are needed, I know I made it sound more complicated than it is. Thanks.