DCC and lighting advice for a newbie!

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by rf4c, Apr 13, 2013.

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    Hi friends,
    Please be patient!
    I might demonstrate some stupidity in my questions!
    I am planning a diorama, for display only, nothing actually running.
    The diorama will contain a street scene with
    * Buildings
    * Cars and Buses
    * Street lights
    * A small train station with a train at the platform
    I want to light everything!
    A) Lights in the buildings
    B) Internal lighting in the vehicles
    c) Fibre optic cable to drilled holes in the headlight and rear lights of the vehicles
    D) Street lights (already purchased wired)
    E) Lights in the station building and platform.
    F) Lights in the train cars.
    I'm assuming LEDS for everything, including the source for the fibre optic cable.
    Is there any advantage to running all this through DCC (I heard my LEDs might smoke if I don't!)
    If there is, where can I go to get advice on designing a circuit to do all this.
    I'm a reasonably fast learner, so I don't mind reading technical pages!
    Many thanks for any advice you have, and links to advice/retailers sites.
    Kind wishes to all
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    You have to figure out how man bulbs you intend to use. Are they all going to be the same kind? Different bulbs, different voltages means that there not be any one solution. Electronics gets tricky fast, but nothing impossible. Your first step will to be to make a virtual representation of what you will be using, add it all up, and go from there. Once you know how many bulbs, and any differences in voltage and current, that will be your starting point. :)