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    I have been having a conversation with a client that is starting his own business. I received an email last night and thought it may be food for thought for others out there:

    XXX wrote:

    Im just thinking to myself. How do these logos cost $700?? I am not able to justify paying that rate. Or providing my service for a credit of $700.

    Could you explain please?


    I will ask you a hypothetical question in return: Why should I pay you anything more than fuel cost if I were to hire you to cut my lawn?

    I mean, If I were to cut my lawn, I could do it for under $2 (I have a very small lot). Why should I (or anyone else) pay you for more than that?

    You're just pushing a mower back and forth. Anyone can do that.

    These are questions you should have answers for.

    About 3 or 4 years ago, I posted on Ebay a paper model kit I had designed and printed. I got a question from an individual that said,"Why should I pay you for a paper model?" What this person failed to realize was that he was not just paying for several pieces of printed card stock and 15 sheets of printed instructions; but also my knowledge of how to create a paper model kit, the software that was used in creating the model, the time involved in creating/test building the model, and the software used to make the textures that made it look "real." Plus the 25+ years of professional art experience that adds to the final product. Often people look at the final result and don't think about what goes into it.

    Now, on to your question.

    First, I never said I was going to charge you $700. I said I normally start at $700.

    Second, you are paying me to create what you cannot. This means I have a skill that is needed. That has value. It also required a 4 year degree additional to a high school diploma, which I have acquired. I also have 25+ years experience doing this type of thing. I bring knowledge and insight that a new grad will not have. This acquired knowledge also has value. I have taken the time to purchase and learn software that can aid in my creation of the art you require. This also has value.

    As I told you in our first conversations, your logo is THE most important piece of art you will purchase for your company. It is the tool that you will be using to sell your business. It will be on your vehicles, business cards, letterhead, billing, t-shirts, and any promotional items that you choose to create for your company. If you succeed and run an honorable operation, it will be the first thing people will notice. Conversely, if you are dishonest it will become a symbol of warning. Once you have paid for this one piece of artwork, you will own it forever. You can do with it as you please, and I will never be coming to ask for a fee for use on whatever you want to use it on or how you want to use it. You have rights to the art and I have none. Does this have any value to you, or do you hold that which you are about to invest a great amount of your time and energy in in such low regard?

    Most of your competition have nothing more than their name on the side of their trucks. Putting a logo (especially a well made one) on the side of your vehicle will immediately put you in the minds of potential clients as they will remember a symbol better than a bunch of words (we are a visual species, after all). What value does that have for you?

    Let me know if you have any more questions, I will stop all work, and await your response. Please note that if you do decide to go with another artist, but use the rough design as a basis for a final logo, I will be charging you full price.

    I look forward to your response.

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    We all have overhead. It's not just the education, experience and time. What about the thousands of dollars in software licenses, costs associated with running a business, business licences, etc. All of those play a factor in the final price.

    Like you said, it's not just the 2$ in gas to mow the lawn. Upkeep on the mower, oil changes, work gloves, disposal of the cut grass, etc., etc.
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    I have written and deleted so many responses, it all ends up at the same conclusion. I totally agree with you. Sometimes, you just have to say no, you don't owe this person anything, or any special consideration, just because he knows your friend.

    I whack people who want something from me. I never charge machine time, I just whack them. They can go somewhere else if they don't pay up. No if, and's or but's.. I have done charity cases, I think everyone here has, times are hard for everyone and everyone has to pay up. Word up, it is what it is, show me some green! :yep: