Convoy (Optimus Prime)'s face!

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    Feb 4, 2004
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    I was trolling for any new info on the 20th anniversary Convoy toy. It no longer seems to be available from the motherland, and has double-plus priced here in the states.
    At first glance months ago I thought it was rather nice, then I found further images. With features, details, and a great new transformation it fails in minor ways. The neck, hip and shoulder joints appear thin, not likely to hold well in dynamic poses and low in "toy factor". The parts lack index as pieces seem to be out-of-true in vehicle form. While a good value, it just isn't worth the resale mark-up when retailed outside of Japan.

    What this rant is really about is a feature I have on my convoy model (yet to be released) that existed from pre-design sketches. When constructing the head; the face was a long plate with eyes that supported the mounting of the nose and mask. In jest I drew a hinged jaw and speaker grill, then reconsidered given the volatile nature of many Transformers(tm) fans and added an optional faceplate with lips and chin.

    What amused me was the new data that came up is the 20th anniversary Convoy (Optimus Prime) toy has a face too :D . Once the mask is pried off a skeletal grin is revealed. On TFORMERS.COM there is an image with a LONG series of heated comments made by the many members (
    Now I'm faced with this minor annoyance of my face doodle (created early September 2003) likely to be considered knock-off, and subject to the same feverent arguments.