Comic Book/Magazine backer board.

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    i was recently in in a comic book shop looking around when i came across the backer board storage section. i was wondering if anyone has tried using backer board in their models. this card was very still and i thought it would make great bulkhead material as well as work for some larger models. i was particularly interested in the Magazine backer board as it comes in 8.5x11. they only had a few so i special requested a pack for testing purposes. the price on Amazon varies from $17 to $25 per 100. most are .25mm thick and acid free. the ones i checked out had a smooth coated side which might be good to print on and a slightly rough side.

    when i get my stock i will post back on how well it works out.

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    Never tried it. I get 1 mm board from Michael's Craft Stores, from their custom frame department. They aren't allowed to sell the scraps,, so if you ask, and they aren't using it, and tell them what you are using it for, (it helps to have a shopping card with some UHU Glue and other Nick Knacks). I have obtained pieces up to 2' feet x 2' feet square. Many one foot pieces square pieces, and other large long strips. Some of the bundles weighed around 7 lbs.!! They gave me enough to last for years, and it archival quality cardboard. ;)
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    These backer boards are available in Germany as well. They might be useful, why not? ;) Any good kind of card can be used as long as you can cut it with a knife. :)
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    I thought I knew a lot about the paper and printing business, but I was wondering what in the world you guys where talking about until I googled it. It's the pieces of cardboard that comic and magazine collectors put in the bag with their collectible mags ("These boards will help protect your magazines from bending in their bags in storage"). I've never really been a collector of anything-- more of an accumulator.