Collision ties up UP-BNSF diamonds

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    I got a newsletter from and found out that there was an accident at Rochelle, ILL involving a UP Rail Grinder & a BNSF Double Stack Train at the Rochelle Diamonds on 3-11-05. The story is below:

    ROCHELLE, Ill. - A Union Pacific rail-grinding machine working west through town on the north mainline track struck an eastbound BNSF intermodal train at the busy diamond crossing about 7:45 p.m. Friday. The collision tied up both UP’s Geneva Subdivision, its main line linking Chicago to Omaha and points west, and BNSF’s Aurora Subdivision, a.k.a. “the C&I,” its main line linking Chicago and Minneapolis-St. Paul and points west.

    No rolling stock derailed, although some containers on the BNSF train — symboled Z-SSECH-8-09 and bound from South Seattle, Wash., to Chicago — were ripped open, their contents spilling out along the right-of-way. There were no reported injuries or hazmat concerns.

    Both railroads were reopened early Saturday morning, but the Rochelle Railroad Park, a city-owned public viewing area east of the diamonds that is normally open 24/7, was closed during the day to allow clean-up activities to be finished. The views below of the incident are from the Web Cam, which is mounted on the roof of the pavilion in the city park; the illumination is from lights on the rail-grinding machine.

    The incident is under investigation by both railroads. Rochelle is 75 miles west of downtown Chicago via the UP and 83 miles via the BNSF.