Class N6B Mae West Cabin Car

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    For several years now, I've been looking at the Pennsylvania RR cabooses (cabise?) in the Paper Models International catalog. Upon learning that PMI is soon to be history unless a buyer steps up, I finally ordered the kits. The subject for this review is the Class N6B Mae West Cabin Car, designed by Robert Kaelin. The model is O scale (1:48th), and looks as if it could be rescaled to HO without too much difficulty. It can be built in two cupola or offset cupola, and has a complete interior. The instructions and parts appear to be hand-drafted, but are very well done. It really took some scrutiny to decide they weren't CAD drawings. A very comprehensive English written instruction is provided, and plenty of detail drawings should eliminate any possible questions arising from the verbage. If the dry-fitting I've done is any guide, parts fit shouldn't be a problem, and printing quality is quite good. According to the designer, it can be built either as a museum-quality display model, or with addition of suitable trucks and couplers, could be run on the layout. The best surprise on receiving the kit was inclusion in the kit of laser-cut windows, wire, clear plastic, simulated chain, and styrene strip....all the supplies needed for the display version. (If you actually desire rolling stock, you do have to provide the trucks and couplers.) The only regret I have about purchasing the kit is that I didn't do it sooner. It is not a beginner's kit, but shouldn't be a problem if you have a moderate amount of building experience. At first glance, it appears it wouldn't be too difficult to translate the kit into bass wood or sheet plastic.

    The only source I know of for the kit is PMI. If the kit interests you, don't tarry getting in your order. I have a feeling that once PMI sells out of it, it may be impossible to find elsewhere.

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