Chris Nolan's Interstellar (no spoilers)

Discussion in 'GENERAL MODELING' started by Cforrest900, Nov 9, 2014.

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    The Soapbox 2014 award? If you had to put this forum back together, essentially by yourself for a couple of years , you would not take that comment so lightly, I think you have misunderstand your lackadaisical "in jest" statement. Let me explain:

    1st) Weird "Al Yankovich's" parodies are making him money and since he does what he does for solely that reason, he would be nailed in court for royalties.

    2nd) Who do you consider the designer to be? I have only seen a handful of original work in all the decades I have been in this hobby. The owner of the rights is the holder of the copyright. That organization has not been mentioned here.

    3rd) Any model at the site that MESH that cforrest900 found is posted under the GNU license, so absolutely no permission is needed in any way shape or form, unless it is to be used for commercial use, which would get the maker of that MESH in much trouble.

    4th) What seems to be missed here that I am trying to make a statement of policy, I will be blunt;

    If you did not design the original model, and you did not purchase any copyrights of said model, then you have no rights to that model, regardless of your derivative work.

    No precedent will be started here that people need to be asked if they can "use" "their" model, unless it is an original design. There has been a tradition by some to mention the work they derived theirs from, that's fine, not necessary, but frankly, you are including them in a possible legal action if you were sued for copyright infringement! Thanks, but no thanks. This just happened recently, but out of respect of the member, I will not mention their name.

    You post a Paper Model anywhere, you will essentially lose control of it in hours, if it is any good, that is.

    That is why I build only the models I design now, and do not release any models, even though they are of more obscure craft. I would rather teach others how to make their own. That I do, and more often than anyone would possibly guess.

    Just build models, post pics, have fun, leave the legal "mumbo jumbo" out of it. 99.99% of the models posted here are derivative works, done without permission. Enjoy it while you can. Not that I expect anything negative to happen, I don't. I didn't think that Bush Jr. would me nominated and elected president twice, and I did not see Russia grabbing the Crimea either? Shit Happens. [​IMG]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.