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    Greetings from deepest, darkest Buckinghamshire (England)!

    Cool forum - liking what I've seen so far. Here's a short paragraph about me...

    I am a freelance model designer, with a background in architectural model making, sculpting and concept art. I have worked in the film, advertising and prototyping industries. My recent and current projects include architectural design for industrial, steampunk and the broader science fiction genre; character concept design for 30mm miniature sculptures and design work relating to an upcoming steampunk tabletop wargame.

    I'm sure you'll all make me feel very welcome! [​IMG]

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    :welcome1: to the forum. We try to project, maintain, and be an inclusive forum. I am happy that you like what you see. Feel free to post your works. We don't allow commercial advertisement, but expression of your work as an art form is definitely O.K., just no linking to "pay for" wares. If you tell us what genre of models interest you, I am sure we can point you in that direction. It's always great when people in the professional realm join a forum like this, both ways, for us and for you, (of course, you will be "One of us! One of us!" soon enough..).

    The WarHammer40K section has some incredible models and links there. Give the Rules and Policies a going over, and have fun. Welcome aboard!! :)