Castello Delle Rocche - Italian Castle - by Domatine / Help Finale Emilia

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    Teo Domatine, the great designer from Italian site Domatine website, that always share with us several beautiful paper models,and always for free, now presents his new paper model: The Castello delle Rocche, in Finale Emilia. Teo, that is a son of Finale Emilia, ask for those who want, and can, that make a donation for help the people of Finale Emilia.

    Teo says: - On 20 May 2012, the Castello delle Rocche (Castle of Rocks) was severely damaged by a series of earthquakes that have struck Finale Emilia and all its neighbors. This model of the Castello delle Rocche is free to download , but "please make a donation to the "Emergency Earthquake Dedicated Account" established by the Municipality of Finale Emilia. You will find the IBAN (code for donations) on the site (links for donations at the end of this post).

    Link:Castello Delle Rocche - Italian Castle - by Domatine / Help Finale Emilia
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    Incredible. Anyone who can help will, I hope. Thanks Mauther!