Cardboard TK Gloves

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    I'm not too certain this might belong in this category, or in "Off Topic", so please move this thread if it needs be somewhere else. Thanks.

    Anyway, I'm thinking of spending a couple of weeks making cardboard "telekinesis" ("TK") gloves, for fun, and possibly for profit (if I can find a manufacturer, anywhere, to make a production version of it using some material other than paperboard) in the future.

    My idea is to build a glove that uses electromagnetic principles to move things forward (and possibly backwards), but with a "killswitch" in case the user doesn't like the outcome (i.e. too much energy causing a truck to ram towards the user, instead of merely moving the truck a couple feet - in this case a "safety pin" [like on a fire-arm] or a "killswitch" can come in handy, to cut-off power to the device in case of emergency) designed-in to the original prototype.

    It shouldn't be too hard to build. I'll have plans and a download ready in a couple of weeks. I'll need regular reminders to complete this work effort, because I have ADHD and don't always finish what I start (I am also an Aries, so that causes continuity problems as well :mrgreen: !!).

    If anyone's ever attempted this and done a Youtube video or can find one (a video) of something like what I am talking about, please reply with the video link. Thanks!

    ~ Nate Magus, over and out!