Canadian Containers

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    Dec 24, 2000
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    Note to Goerge. Jan 21st/01. 14:30 Hrs, MST

    Re Your Remarks on Cdn. Items etc. Ok
    there is a Company in Calgary that makes
    Canadian Containers in HO/N Scales. Also
    Walthers has some Canadian Containers if I
    am Correct and so does Deluxe - N Scale.
    The Co. in Calgary was called H & D Hobby
    Ditributers but recently Changed there Name.
    I'll have to find out and getan Address for
    Also RoundHouse,InterMountain, Walthers
    H & D. Life Like have a Large Canadian
    Contrent in Motive Power & Rolling Stock.
    N Scale its some what Different.
    Get back to me at
    and We can Go from there. OK.
    Have a Great Day everyone.