Bullet train?

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    The site you've linked to says about N scale drive-in:
    -screen size: 5.00" wide and 3.25" tall.
    -ticket booth: 0.50" x 0.75"
    -minimum size for driveway, marquee, ticket booth and screen: 7.25" wide and 4.75 deep

    Knowing the measures (to be honest, I don't understand them - I never can remember the imperial measures :mrgreen:) I think you can make some card kit easily - some free textures from the internet, a little Photoshop and...
    Also some old movie posters from the net (rescaled for N) would be worthy... perhaps some other prints (commercial etc) to stick around...

    Here's a link to an American high speed train (pretty simple model, I think) (I hate bullet trains, sorry... :cry:), unfortunately you will have to rescale it for N scale. Some instructions for this - here.
    On the other hand, I can't see if an small airport with biplanes would fit very well with some very modern train... But of course, there are places where the history and the future meet...

    I don't know very much about hangars and airplanes, so I remain silent in these respects... but maybe master Zathros could give some help - or anybody else.

    Good luck with the models - and I hope for some pictures here. (And I really mean HERE, on Railroad forum, LONG LIVE THE RAIL!!!) :mrgreen: