Build Review: USS Enterprise A (Shunichi Makino)

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    So, it being a while since I've actually posted any of my builds, and finally locating my camera, here's a few of the models I've built over the past year or so.

    First up, the USS Enterprise-A, by the excellent Sunichi Makino.

    Difficulty: Medium
    Assembly: Medium
    Directions (out of 5): 3
    Overall Rating(out of 5): 4

    First impressions:

    I ran across this kit while hunting around for the VF-1 (also on Makino's site). Always being a fan of starships, I decided to give this one a go.

    I was immediately impressed by the clear and vibrant textures of Makino's work, and the obvious thought that had gone into the layout of the design. All his models show this same commitment to detail, yet remain... simplistic in their lines.

    I mean simplistic not in the usual sense of ill formed or of basic design, but rather in the Zen aesthetic- there's a cleaness of line and form to Makino's designs and it carries through in the finished models.

    The parts are well laid out and assembly is greatly eased by the thoughtful arrangement of the pieces. Instructions on Makino's models are generally on the sparse side, leaving the builder to follow their own whim on build order. However, "sticky" points on the builds are generally shown with exploded diagrams or actual photos of the parts. In short, if you're experienced with paper model technique and assembly order, you won't be referring to the diagrams much; but a beginner builder could get frustrated.

    The size of the model is decent, although I would have preferred a larger version for both aesthetics and to ease assembly of some of the smaller parts. The detail on this model would readily lend itself to enlargement, however; without much loss of integrity or pixelation of graphics.

    The one real complaint I have with this model is the rather simplistic treatment the engine nacelles are given; much more a box/rectangular shape than the lithe and graceful lines the rest of the craft sports. Makino has undoubtedly succeeded in capturing the grace of the Enterprise-A in the saucer and secondary hull area- even the nacelle supports are spot on.

    It's because of that success that the nacelles themselves stand out so strongly; they just don't "fit" with the rest of the model. A redesign along more rounded lines is certainly in order here... or perhaps a layered approach to get the proper look.

    In all, it was an enjoyable model to build, and it looks great on display. I found the included display stand detracted from the ship itself, so I custom rigged one from wire (not shown). The model has also proven to be quite sturdy, surviving several cat attacks and the attentions of my 6 year old son.


    Top view of saucer:


    Port view from rear:


    Port view of saucer:


    Landing bay and rear of nacelle pylons:


    Underside of saucer, deflector dish:


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    Love it!
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    I started on this same model over a year ago I have completed the stand an one nacelle.