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    Namaste all.
    This is my first foray into building cardstock models.
    This kit was sent to me by a friend who knew how much I love TOS Battlestar Galactica and has been sitting, printed for about 8 months, in my studio. This is ‘Gearz’ paper kit of that ship.

    I had been waiting for the time I felt comfortable attempting such a new medium (for me) in modeling.
    That time came when I moved to Hawaii and could not bring my studio and supplies with me, yet I wanted to build.

    So, out came the kit, on came the Internet for me to learn more about how to build, and out I went in search of Elmer’s Glue and a ruler with a metal strip and a #11 Exacto.

    Okay. Let’s get what you all came here to see started.
    The building of a cardstock model.

    This is the Galactica model by ’Gearz’. However, something happened, somewhere, somehow, that created a problem. One of the pages of parts is missing from my printed sheets--the P/S arms connecting to the Flight Pods.
    Normally one would just grab a sheet of card and print it out. I do not have that luxury just yet. So I have to make due with what I have.

    First thing, here is the picture of the first page of parts: The Bridge. Destroyer/PaperDestroyer-00.jpg

    Before I started cutting the parts out, I read that I should spray them with a fixative--especially living in a pretty humid place. Here’s what I used.
    Matte for all of the parts. Gloss for the Base and Engine Exhaust parts. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-00.jpg

    I cut the first part from the sheet following the instructions of not cutting the Red Tabs until after folding the parts. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-02.jpg

    Here is the parts folded. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-03.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-04.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-05.jpg

    Next came the back wall.
    Cut Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-06.jpg
    Folded Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-07.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-08.jpg
    And in place Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-09.jpg

    I then cut the Bridge Brace Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-10a.jpg
    Folded the tabs in a alternating pattern Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-12.jpg
    Then glued it in place. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-13.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-15.jpg

    Next came the lower edge of the ship Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-16a.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-16.jpg
    Again, folded Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-17.jpg
    Then placed Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-18.jpg
    And placed on both sides Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-19.jpg

    According to the Instructions the next part to add is the “neck”. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-21.jpg
    Folded Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-22.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-23.jpg
    And in place Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-24.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-25.jpg

    Here comes a part I never thought of, the Bridge Brace Cross Beam. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-26.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-27.jpg

    Now were supposed to build the indent/ “sideburns” of the ship. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-28.jpg
    Cut Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-29.jpg
    Folded Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-30.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-31.jpg

    Here come the “cheeks” Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-20.jpg
    Cut Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-32.jpg
    “Sculpted” Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-33.jpg
    In place with “sideburns” temporarily in place (as per instructions). Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-34.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-35.jpg

    We’re almost finished with the head.
    Now comes the top Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-36.jpg
    Glued in place Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-37.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-38.jpg

    The next part is the… um… I don’t know what it’s called. But it goes underneath. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-39.jpg
    Folded Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-40.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-41.jpg
    In place Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-42.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-43.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-44.jpg

    It’s time for the small detail parts.
    Part of the Bridge Module Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-45.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-46.jpg
    In place Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-47.jpg
    The Bridge itself Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-48.jpg
    Also in place Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-49.jpg
    And a small area behind the bridge. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-50.jpg

    Now we are finished with the Bridge Module of the kit. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-51.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-52.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-53.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-54.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/PD-55.jpg

    Next, I will show you the work on the Engine Module.

    I hope you have enjoyed my first Build Diary of my first card model.
    Sorry about the length of this.

    Cheers aussie
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    Feb 10, 2006
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    She's a classic

    Your build is looking good so far Keptin.
    I'm a huge BSG fan myself - it's always a treat to see the ships again.

    Look forward to your next update.

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    Namaste Steve.:wave:

    Here is the next section I am working on. The Engine section. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-00.jpg

    Per the instructions, I cut the main parts out and glued them together. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-01.jpg

    After I got those two parts glued together I started on the next sheet. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-02.jpg
    These parts are going to be the indented detail that make the trench along the middle of the engines. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-03.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-04.jpg

    They are a little tricky to glue but not too bad. Mostly just long areas to glue. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-05.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-06.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-08.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-09.jpg
    From behind. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-07.jpg

    Once that was finished the instructions say to work on the engine exhausts. I sprayed these with Gloss Finish to give it a bit more of a powered up look. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-10.jpg
    So far these are the biggest challenge (for me at least) because they require tiny tabs to be folded into a small ‘indentation’. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-11.jpg
    Finished one. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-12.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-13.jpg

    Something that kinda bothered me a bit is there is beautiful detail for the light speed engines, but no such detail for the sub-light engine. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-14.jpg
    So I decided to add my own by adding three different shades of red. I traced the shape of the sub-light engine onto a piece of regular paper, colored it then glued it onto a blank sheet of card stock. That way it would be on a white background instead of the dark gray of the original piece.
    Once it had dried, I glued it to the actual piece. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-15.jpg
    Cut it out. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-16.jpg
    And added it to the rest of the finished Engine Exhausts. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-17.jpg

    Next came the Housing. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-18.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-19.jpg
    With the added exhausts. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-20.jpg

    Finally I needed to do the Engine Brace. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-21.jpg
    It says to fold the tabs 90 degrees. However, most of the tabs need to be folded like that. So I don’t know exactly what he meant by that, but I did my best by folding them not 180 degrees and then back to 90 to make it as flat as possible. I just folded as close to 90 as possible and left it alone for it to retain strength. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-22.jpg
    Placed on the rear Housing. Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-24.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-25.jpg Olympia/Cardstock Destroyer/Engine-26.jpg

    That is all for now. I shall continue folding away.

    Cheers aussie
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    Looking good. I really like what you did with the sublight engine. Makes it ever so much better.

    Re the 180 vs 90 on that engine brace, I had the same confusion. As far as I know what you've done is correct.

    Keep up the good work.

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    looking really good! love the photoreal texturing!
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    Sorry there haven't been any posts lately.
    I was starting to lose the fun of building because I chose to photograph each step. :(

    So I took a break and decided to just finish the model and show you what the finished ship looks like.

    Here it is gang. The final look of the model.

    I present the Colonial destroyer Valiant.

    Upper Bow
    Starboard Beauty
    Upper Aft
    Aft Beauty

    Now for the display base.

    And finally a closer beauty shot.

    This was pretty fun for my first build of a paper model.
    I am looking forward to my next build. I hope to start that one within the week.

    Cheers. aussie
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    Good job Keptin... ;)