Brewster F2A Buffalo

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    I just finished this build of the Brewster F2A Buffalo this is a enlarged copy of mpodelcard kit of the Peanut special. Although the original kit was in 1/33 scale it was enlarged to 1.24 scale. this aircraft was delight to build the kit had no fit problems at all it went trogether in a snap. So i would like to share it here on this forum. yopu will notice the wheels are canted inward I done this intentionaly, when the aircraft is in the air the wheels are canted when on the ground they are level with the weight of the aircraft i modled this so i can hang it up on the overhead to simulate a carrier landing. I dont want anyone thinking old boats flubbed up. This is my first Buffalo that i ever built I had an old Revell 1/72 scale kit of this I was a dandy of a kit back then they were 50 cents, this little bugger was great kit I remembered it that it had retractable landing gear prop turned, flaps worked the rudder and elerons functioned as well It even had a engine panel cover that when you removed it it viewed the wright cylone engine. very impressive for a small kit. durring my travels and passage of time it was lost forever i never seen one scince. So this kit will make up for my lost little Buffalo. Here are the attachments of my finished build of the pesky Peanut speacial.

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